William Read Woodfield (1928-2001) was a writer, story editor, and producer of Mission: Impossible. Allan Balter was his customary professional partner.

It was Woodfield, in collaboration with Balter, who steered the customary modus operandi of the Missions and the IMF towards grand-scale confidence games; the book The Big Con, written by linguist David W. Maurer, was Woodfield's and Balter's "bible" for how they approached scripts.

Woodfield was an American writer who had also written episodes of Sea Hunt, Everglades, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Lost in Space, and later worked on Shaft and Masquerade. This last was an adaptation of the Missions that involved civilians, who had skills which "Operation Masquerade" needed for certain assignments, joining forces with governmental operatives to carry out the said assignments.


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