Mission Impossible
Vladimir Nekhorvich
Vladimir Nekhorvich.jpg
Vladimir Nekhorvich before his death.
Name: Vladimir Nekhorvich
Status: Deceased
Age: 63-64 (1999)
Date of birth: c. 1935
Birthplace: Russia
Date of death: March 1999[1]
Cause of death: Neck broken by Sean Ambrose
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Biocyte Pharmaceuticals, John C. McCloy
Sergei Gradski
Profession: Moleclar Biologist
Rank: Doctor
Played by: Rade Serbedzija
First appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Every search for a hero must begin with something every hero requires, a villain.

–Vladimir Nekhorvich, Mission: Impossible II

Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich (born c. 1935 - 1999) was a pivotal character in Mission: Impossible II. He was a Russian scientist employed by Biocyte Pharmaceuticals who took part in Project Chimera, creating the Chimera virus and its cure, Bellorophon.


Vladimir Nekhorvich was born in Russia circa 1935. He became a prodigious scientist who created a virus named Chimera (named after the monster of the same name in Greek mythical stories) and its cure, Years later, Impossible Mission Force field agent Ethan Hunt saves Nekhorvich's life under the alias of "Dmitri" and the two becomes associates. However, in 2000, the doctor injectes himself with the Chimera virus after John C. McCloy killed his friend Sergei Gradski with it. Nekhorvich now provides to travel from Sydney to Atlanta to deliver them safely to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), timing his trip so that it would take no longer than 20 hours. In the middle of the flight, a former IMF agent-turned-terrorist, Sean Ambrose, who used a latex mask disguise himself as Ethan, meet Nekhorvich. When over the Rocky Mountains, the flight captain Hugh Stamp announces that a drop in cabin pressure necessitates the release of oxygen masks as a precaution. When the co-pilot passes out, Stamp sets the altimeter for the plane to descend to 10,000 feet, puts the plane on autopilot, and then left the cockpit. Passengers on the plane also passes out from poisonous gas in the oxygen supply. Ambrose then brokes Nekhorovich's neck, killing him, snatches his briefcase, and then removes his latex facial mask. Finally, he joins Stamp and his fellow agents Wallis and Ulrich, who parachutes out of a trap door in the belly of the plane moments before it crashes into a snowy Rocky Mountain peak.


Behind the Scenes[]

Vladimir Nekhorvich was portrayed by Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija in Mission: Impossible II.



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