Mission Impossible

Season 6 #8 episode 135 "Underwater" Nov 6, 1971


The IMF team must find a cache of stolen gems


Frederick Hoffman has hidden underwater a body of a courier who was carrying 75 million worth of stolen gems. Hoffman employer Berlinger is torturing Hoffman to try to find the gems. The IMF team must convince Hoffman to lead them to the gems. In the end the IMF team recovers the gems and the courier-and Hoffman and Berlinger are under arrest.

Guest Villains[]

  • Jeremy Slate as Frederick Hoffman
  • Fritz Weaver as George Berlinger


  • Demond Wilson  as Simmons


  • Fritz Weaver also appeared on "Mission Impossible" episodes "Illusion" "Charity" and "Operation Rogosh"
  • Demond Wilson is best known for playing Sanford Jr on the comedy "Sandford and Son" 1972-1977