A businessman (J. Richard Taggart) has in his possession an ancient jade seal that needs to be returned to its rightful country. So a cat is trained to fetch like a dog in order to steal it.



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A comic relief episode. A CAT IS THE STAR or at least has the last word...... er MEOW. As silly as this epsiode is, it is at least more believable than the IMF Episode {The BUnker} in which Barney shows a miniature electronic Space ship which in one scene can be seen for what it is -a movie prop which is powered by hidden white strings!!!!

Darren McGaven is familiar as the never believed reporter who always tangles with supernatural beings in "The Night Stalker" movie/TV Series of the 1970s'. In this episode he does a comic relief as a unstable paranoid superstitious personality in which he not only boasts of his less than legal ownership of the seal but practically proclaims and dares someone to take and keep the Seal from Him....which is what happens!

Mort Mills is familiar for playing the part as  the unnamed sunglass wearing California Highway Patrolman who stops  thief  Vera Miles in the  Alfred Hitchcock classic scary movie "Psycho"

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