Mission Impossible

The team is counting on Cinnamon Carter's ability as a "psychic". She'll need to gain the confidence of an industrialist (Alex Lowell) and have him lose stolen patents to Rollin Hand in a poker game.



Guest Starring[]

  • Martin Landau as Rollin Hand
  • Barry Sullivan as Alex Lowell
  • Milton Selzer as Jan Vornitz
  • Richard Anderson as Judge Wilson Chase
  • Paul Mantee as Byron Miller
  • Michael Pataki as Ed
  • Rita D'Amico as Girl at Party
  • Eric Mason as Man at Party
  • Shep Sanders as Politician

Mission Briefing[]

Dan Briggs drives to the drive-in and parks next to a speaker which has the envalope attached to it. Dan attaches the speaker to his car and turns it on to play the Mission Briefing.

Good morning, Mr. Briggs. The man your looking at is Alex Lowell, a promoter of several large investment trust. A few weeks ago, Lowell's trust gained control of a majority of the shares in Sud-Aero, a foreign company which manufactures some of NATO's top- secret defense hardware. Lowell immediately transferred the stock into his own name and with it, left for South America, out of our reach. We believe he intends to put Sud-Aero's secret patents up for sell to the highest bidder. Jan Vornitz, an agent for an unfriendly country, is the most interested and the most likely customer. Your mission, Dan, should you decide to accept it, is to stop Lowell before he has a chance to sell the patients, and make sure he does not remain in control of the company. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowlage of your actions. This recording will self-destruct in five seconds after the speaker has been replaced. Good luck, Dan.

Dan places the speaker back on the stand and five seconds later it self destructs.


  • Alex Lowell
  • Top-secret defense plans and patents stolen by Lowell and their stocks which he plans to sell on the black market.


  • Alex Lowell
  • Jan Vornitz
  • Ed
  • Girl at Party
  • Man at Party
  • Politician


  • Judge Wilson Chase
  • Byron Miller


This is the final episode of Mission Impossible to feature Steven Hill who was fired by CBS for arguing with Lucy who owns the studio. He has since been replaced by Peter Graves and Tom Cruise who play Jim Phelps and Ethan Hunt. This is also the last time Desilu Studios makes Mission Impossible since Desilu Studios is renamed Viacom and they get bought out by CBS Paramount.