Dan Briggs and his team need to stop a man (Henrik Durvard) who has seized power in a small country, and who has confiscated the largest diamond ever found - 27,000 karats.

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Mission Briefing[edit | edit source]

Dan Briggs goes to the Douglas Building and goes into the office of Thomas Fergason Autographs. Dan ask the owner for a copy of FDR's autograph and the owner tells him to look in the book. The Owner leaves and Dan pulls the tape recorder out of the desk and the envalope out of the book. Dan plays the tape and starts the Mission Briefing.

Good morning, Mr. Briggs. The man you're looking at is Henrik Durvard. He seized power in Lombuanda, a small country on the Gulf of Guinea and has given himself the tittle of Prime Minister. He is, in fact, a dictator who rules with an iron hand, keeping 2 million natives half-starved with no schools, hospitals, or any voice in government. Recently native tribesmen in the northern part of the country discovered a natural diamond that is rumored to be the largest ever found 27,000 karats, worth about $30 million. Durvard has confiscated the stone and intendeds to sell it, using the proceeds to take over other independent tribal areas. Your mission, Dan should you decide to accept it, is to stop Durvard and return the diamond to its rightful owners. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of you actions. Please dispose of this tape by the usual means. Good luck, Dan.

Dan removes the tape and places it in the water cooler and five seconds later it self-destructs as always with any object given to an IMF agent. 

Targets[edit | edit source]

  • A 27,000 Karat blood diamond stolen by a countries dictator.
  • Henrik Durvard dictator of Lombuanda who intends to sell the diamond to corrupt investors to buy guns to fund his revolution against the African tribal chiefs.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Prime Minister Henrik Durvard
  • Henks
  • Peters

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Hans Van Meer
  • Ian McCloud

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