Expectations for Mission: Impossible VI.



  • If Jon Voight returns as Jim Phelps, he will redeem the character (due to the fans hating the fact that Phelps was a villian in the first film) and honor the Peter Graves version of the character this time around.
  • Laurence Fishbourne should return as Brassel, as Brassel is supposed to be the director of the IMF.
  • Alan Hunley will have a bigger role and have his backstory revealed.
  • The Syndicate must return in the film and reveal the truth about them.
  • The movie should start with Ethan visiting a grave in Norfolk, Virgina. Then, Ethan confronts his old mentor, Jim Phelps and Phelps starts explaining everything; Ethan killed the Jim Phelps imposter in 1996, while the real Phelps went into hiding to hunt down the Syndicate. That would explain everything.
  • Give the movie a dramatic ending than the other films.
  • Give the film new locations, like Berlin, Barcelona and New York.
  • Introduce new characters for the film.
  • If this is the last Mission: Impossible film, start wraping things up.
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