Mission Impossible


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The fifth season lasted from September 19, 1970 to March 17, 1971, and consisted of 23 episodes.

Jim Phelps continued as head of the IMF team, for his fourth year.

This was The Great Paris' second and last season on the series, played by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. And Dana Lambert's first and only season on the series, played by Lesley Warren. Doug Robert (played by Sam Elliott) also occasionally appeared in episodes.

Episode List: 1970-1971[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px The Killer Writer: Director: 9/19/70 #105 501
Jim Phelps and his team try to stop a hitman who makes decisions randomly. They need to find out quickly who he plans to kill and who hired him.

150px Flip Side Writer: Director: 9/26/70 #106 502
New team member Dana Lambert poses as the daughter of an old movie star so she can charm three men: a drug manufacturer and his two distributors.

150px The Innocent Writer: Director: 10/03/70 #107 503
While deleting a deadly formula from a computer, Barney Collier is captured. So a young computer whiz is enlisted, who proves to be uncooperative.

150px Homecoming Writer: Director: 10/10/70 #108 504
After two women are murdered in Jim Phelps' hometown, the IMF volunteers to help him find the killer, who might be one of Jim's childhood friends.

150px Flight Writer: Director: 10/17/70 #109 505
A Latin American country's security chief is made to believe he survived a plane crash, and is now on an uncharted island colony inhabited by prisoners.

150px My Friend, My Enemy Writer: Director: 10/25/70 #110 506
After Paris is abducted in Switzerland, he is subjected to a procedure that turns him into a killing machine. And his first target is Jim Phelps!

150px Butterfly Writer: Director: 10/31/70 #111 507
In Japan, a powerful anti-American industrialist kills his sister and frames her husband, an American businessman, in order to discredit the United States.

150px Decoy Writer: Director: 11/07/70 #112 508
The IMF stages a funeral in order to sneak a princess out of her country in a coffin. And while her brother betrays her, Jim Phelps falls in love with her.

150px The Amateur Writer: Director: 11/14/70 #113 509
In Eastern Europe, Dana Lambert works undercover at a bar where the ambitious owner gets wind of her operation and tries to outsmart the IMF team.

150px Hunted Writer: Director: 11/21/70 #114 510
A mission to rescue a South African dissident goes awry when Barney Collier is shot in the leg. Separated from the rest of the team, he seeks refuge with a deaf woman.

150px The Rebel Writer: Director: 11/28/70 #115 511
Jim Phelps and a band of rebels attempt a daring rescue in Latin America by sneaking into the town square inside a religious statue.

150px Squeeze Play Writer: Director: 12/12/70 #116 512
Paris has to pretend to be a mobster with a reconstructed face in order to gain the trust of a dying old syndicate figure and his innocent granddaughter.

150px The Hostage Writer: Director: 12/19/70 #117 513
After he impersonates an American hotel magnate, Paris is kidnapped by rebel forces, and will only be released if the son of a rebel leader is set free.

150px Takeover Writer: Director: 1/02/71 #118 514
A youth organizer is hired by crooked politicians during Protest Week. They want him to incite violence so that their political foes appear weak.

150px Cat's Paw Writer: Director: 1/09/71 #119 515
Barney Collier tries to avenge his brother's death by bringing down the crooked police captain and black syndicate leader who had him killed.

150px The Missile Writer: Director: 1/16/71 #120 516
Dana Lambert pretends to blackmail Jim Phelps as part of a ruse to fool a foreign agent. But then a disturbed garage mechanic starts threatening her life.

150px The Field Writer: Director: 1/23/71 #121 517
Paris can easily impersonate the engineer of a mine field since a country's new regime has never met him. But then the real engineer is accused of murder.

150px Blast Writer: Director: 1/30/71 #122 518
Jim Phelps and Dana Lambert join a team of deadly safecrackers. Their leader robs to fund a revolution against the United States, but the other gang members are in it strictly for the money.

150px The Catafalque Writer: Director: 2/06/71 #123 519
The only way to obtain a copy of a nuclear treaty is to make a Latin American official think his late father is still alive and languishing in prison.

150px Kitara Writer: Director: 2/20/71 #124 520
Jim Phelps and the team use medicine, a special lightbulb, and a doctored photo to convince a white racist colonel in West Africa that he is really black.

150px A Ghost Story Writer: Director: 2/27/71 #125 521
A scientist who infected himself with a deadly nerve gas is killed. In order to locate his body, his father's estate is made to appear haunted.

150px The Party Writer: Director: 3/06/71 #126 522
A welcome home party is staged at what appears to be the Russian consulate. It's to fool a newly released enemy agent, who can the lead the team to a top-secret list.

150px The Merchant Writer: Director: 3/17/71 #127 523
An arms dealer is also a well-known gambler. So Jim Phelps pretends to be the man who saved his life, while Paris tempts him with a high-stakes poker game. The IMF must stop a massive arms deal.