Mission Impossible


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The fourth season lasted from September 28, 1969 to March 29, 1970, and consisted of 26 episodes, two of which were part of a 2-part episode ("The Controller") and three of which were part of a 3-part episode ("The Falcon").

Jim Phelps continued as head of the IMF team, for his third year.

This was The Great Paris' first season on the series, played by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame.

Episode List: 1969-1970[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px The Code Writer: Director: 9/28/69 #79 401
In order to stop an invasion and shatter an alliance between two countries, the IMF team must photograph and break a code in a matter of minutes.

150px Numbers Game Writer: Director: 10/05/69 #80 402
The team tries to get a deposed dictator to divulge his Swiss bank account number by tricking him into believing World War III is about to begin.

150px The Controller - PART 1 Writer: Director: 10/12/69 #81 403
Jim Phelps and a female agent pose as scientists who have invented a new drug in order to replace a real drug that turns people into willing slaves.

150px The Controller - PART 2 Writer: Director: 10/19/69 #82 404
As Barney Collier taints the water system with a mind-numbing drug, Jim Phelps is captured and put on trial, where he must discredit an enemy scientist.

150px Fool's Gold Writer: Director: 10/26/69 #83 405
Paris poses as a counterfeiter in order to gain access to a safe and destroy millions in phony money, as well as the plates used to make it.

150px Commandante Writer: Director: 11/02/69 #84 406
An imprisoned priest is about to be executed, so Jim Phelps and Willy Armitage pose as U.S. religious workers who are willing to trade guns in exchange for his safety.

150px The Submarine Writer: Director: 11/16/69 #85 407
Upon his release, a prisoner plans to fund neo-Nazis with stolen money. So a submarine voyage is simulated in order to transport him to his contact.

150px Mastermind Writer: Director: 11/23/69 #86 408
As Barney Collier attempts to break into a safe that contains an incriminating file, Paris convinces a mob figure that he can read the mind of his double-crossing boss.

150px Robot Writer: Director: 11/30/69 #87 409
A country is unaware that its premier is dead and that a double is about to appoint a successor. So Barney Collier concocts a mechanical man to take his place.

150px Double Circle Writer: Director: 12/07/69 #88 410
An art lover is made to believe he can own a priceless work of art, but it is really a plot to retrieve a valuable formula from his impenetrable safe.

150px The Brothers Writer: Director: 12/14/69 #89 411
A Middle Eastern king needs to be restored to the throne. So a medical operation is replicated where he will seemingly donate his kidney to his murderous brother.

150px Time Bomb Writer: Director: 12/21/69 #90 412
The IMF team has to try and gain access to a nuclear reactor complex, where a terminally ill officer plans to detonate an atomic bomb.

150px The Amnesiac Writer: Director: 12/28/69 #91 413
Jim Phelps poses as an amnesia victim in order to retrieve a stolen isotope, one that could make nuclear weapons affordable to any country.

150px The Falcon - PART 1 Writer: Director: 1/04/70 #92 414
Paris masquerades as Zastro, a magician who has come to entertain during an arranged wedding between the king's sister and a ruthless usurper.

150px The Falcon - PART 2 Writer: Director: 1/11/70 #93 415
With the king's sister rescued during the wedding, the team now turns its attention to the true heir, who's locked up in prison.

150px The Falcon - PART 3 Writer: Director: 1/18/70 #94 416
Just as Jim Phelps and the others unwittingly become caught up in a royal power struggle, a bomb goes off, seriously injuring Paris and revealing his disguise.

150px Chico Writer: Director: 1/25/70 #95 417
Two halves of a microfilm add up to one dangerous list for the agents it will incriminate. But Barney Collier plans to use a trained dog to retrieve it.

150px Gitano Writer: Director: 2/01/70 #96 418
A 12-year-old king whose life is in danger is rescued by gypsies (Paris and Willy Armitage in disguise) and forced to dress up like a girl to fool his assassins.

150px Phantoms Writer: Director: 2/08/70 #97 419
A murderous dictator's belief in ghosts is used against him when Barney Collier fashions a clever system that projects spirits of his dead victims before his eyes.

150px Terror Writer: Director: 2/15/70 #98 420
Jim Phelps and his team must infiltrate a prison in order to block the release of a ruthless Middle Eastern terrorist about to be pardoned.

150px Lover's Knot Writer: Director: 2/22/70 #99 421
While in London to break up a spy ring, Paris develops feelings for the beautiful Lady Weston after he is cast as a jealous lover in a romantic triangle.

150px Orpheus Writer: Director: 3/01/70 #100 422
An unknown assassin must be stopped, so Barney Collier infiltrates the foreign agency that employs him while Jim Phelps poses as a drug addict with information to sell.

150px The Crane Writer: Director: 3/08/70 #101 423
Jim Phelps and his team rescue a prisoner and place him in a spot his captors will never think to look ... a conspicuous location right under their noses.

150px Death Squad Writer: Director: 3/15/70 #102 424
Barney Collier kills a man in self-defense and is marked for execution by the victim's brother, a chief of police who heads a death squad.

150px The Choice Writer: Director: 3/22/70 #103 425
A duchess is under the powerful spell of a mystic, who notices his uncanny resemblance to Paris and plans to use him in a plot to ascend to the throne.

150px The Martyr Writer: Director: 3/29/70 #104 426
As a duplicitous dictator courts the young people of his country, Paris poses as the son of his predecessor, a martyred youth leader.