Mission Impossible


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The third season lasted from September 29, 1968 to April 20, 1969, and consisted of 25 episodes, four of which were part of two 2-part episodes ("The Contender" and "The Bunker").

Jim Phelps continued as head of the IMF team, for his second year.

This was Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter's last season on the series, as the actors who played them (Martin Landau and Barbara Bain) left the show to star in the sci-fi series Space: 1999.

Episode List: 1968-1969[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px The Heir Apparent Writer: Robert E. Thompson Director: Alexander Singer 9/29/68 #54 301
A blind princess who disappeared as a child returns years later. But a military general planning a coup doesn't realize that it's really Cinnamon Carter in disguise.

150px The Contender - PART 1 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Paul Stanley 10/06/68 #55 302
Barney Collier must pass as a former boxer returning to the ring. The team's mission is to stop a mobster who controls the gambling on all professional boxing.

150px The Contender - PART 2 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Paul Stanley 10/13/68 #56 303
As Jim Phelps and the others work on discrediting the mobster in the eyes of his syndicate partner, Barney Collier is ordered to take a fall during his first big fight.

150px The Mercenaries Writer: Director: 10/27/68 #57 304
As Jim Phelps and Cinnamon Carter distract a greedy soldier-of-fortune, Barney Collier and Willy Armitage concoct an ingenious method for stealing his gold.

150px The Execution Writer: Director: 11/10/68 #58 305
An exact replica of a gas chamber is built in order to make an assassin think he is going to be executed ... unless he starts naming names.

150px The Cardinal Writer: Director: 11/17/68 #59 306
A power-hungry general replaces a beloved cardinal with a look-alike. But Jim Phelps and his crew cleverly devise a plan to switch them again.

150px The Elixir Writer: Director: 11/24/68 #60 307
A vain female ruler with a fanatical following in her country is fooled into thinking she can look ten years younger with an experimental operation.

150px The Diplomat Writer: Director: 12/01/68 #61 308
The IMF recruits the wife of a presidential aide in order to make an enemy agent believe he can give her a fatal overdose and steal information from her husband.

150px The Play Writer: Director: 12/08/68 #62 309
An anti-American play gets staged behind the Iron Curtain, but is then doctored by the IMF team to make a top official appear disloyal.

150px The Bargain Writer: Director: 12/15/68 #63 310
A dictator using a mobster's money to fund his return to power is made to believe that he can predict the future ... and foresee a double-cross.

150px The Freeze Writer: Director: 12/23/68 #64 311
A prisoner who has hidden stolen money is tricked into thinking he has a fatal disease, and can only be cured in the future if he is cryogenically frozen.

150px The Exchange Writer: Director: 1/04/69 #65 312
During a mission behind the Iron Curtain, Cinnamon Carter is captured and tortured. And the only way to get her out is to exchange her for a political prisoner.

150px The Mind of Stefan Miklos Writer: Director: 1/12/69 #66 313
Jim Phelps' toughest assignment yet is to try to outwit a brilliant enemy intelligence officer who has come to America to verify a double agent's information.

150px The Test Case Writer: Director: 1/19/69 #67 314
Rollin Hand's the guinea pig for an experiment being performed by a scientist protecting a deadly virus. But is Jim Phelps's plan fails, Rollin could die an excruciating death.

150px The System Writer: Director: 1/26/69 #68 315
In order to goad him into testifying against his long-time syndicate boss, a casino manager must think that he is being phased out ... for good!

150px The Glass Cage Writer: Director: 2/02/69 #69 316
Since it's virtually impossible to free a resistance leader being held in a glass cell, the enemy has to be convinced that he's an impostor.

150px Doomsday Writer: Director: 2/16/69 #70 317
As Barney Collier works on stealing the plutonium used to make a hydrogen bomb, Jim Phelps and Rollin Hand work on stalling the auction that could sell it to the highest bidder.

150px Live Bait Writer: Director: 2/23/69 #71 318
In order to protect a double agent, the IMF must place suspicion upon the one man who suspects him, and free the only man who might expose him.

150px The Bunker - PART 1 Writer: Director: 3/02/69 #72 319
Jim Phelps and his team need to rescue a nuclear scientist and his wife being held in an underground laboratory. But an enemy assassin may get to them first.

150px The Bunker - PART 2 Writer: Director: 3/09/69 #73 320
Willy Armitage's rescue of the scientist's wife goes as planned, but then the assassin changes his appearance again ... to look like master-of-disguise Rollin Hand.

150px Nitro Writer: Director: 3/23/69 #74 321
A truck carrying explosive nitroglycerin is deliberately put in the hands of a plotting general, with the hope that he will use it and be accused of treason.

150px Nicole Writer: Director: 3/30/69 #75 322
When Jim Phelps is sent on a routine mission to retrieve a list of double agents, he is captured by the enemy and falls for a beautiful agent with an agenda of her own.

150px The Vault Writer: Director: 4/06/69 #76 323
The finance minister of a Latin American country believes he can get away with stealing millions from the treasury vault and frame his president for the theft.

150px Illusion Writer: Director: 4/13/69 #77 324
Cinnamon Carter impersonates a German cabaret singer who resembles a woman killed by a top candidate for the secret police. But will he kill again?

150px The Interrogator Writer: Director: 4/20/69 #78 325
A prisoner who refuses to give up top-secret information regarding an attack on the United States is tricked into thinking he is now his own torturer.