Mission Impossible


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The second season lasted from September 10, 1967 to March 17, 1968, and consisted of 25 episodes, four of which were part of two 2-part episodes ("The Slave" and "The Council"). Joseph Gantman served as producer.

Jim Phelps replaced Dan Briggs in the second season as head of the IMF team. And Martin Landau (Rollin Hand) was included in the main cast for the first time on the series.

The 2-part episode "The Council" was re-released as a straight-to-video movie entitled Mission Impossible Versus the Mob.

Episode List: 1967-1968[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px The Widow Writer: Barney Slater Director: Lee H. Katzin 9/10/67 #29 201
In order to put two drug czars out of business, a phony elevator accident is staged, with Cinnamon Carter posing as the victim's wife.

150px Trek Writer: Laurence Heath Director: Leonard J. Horn 9/17/67 #30 202
The only man who knows the location of some ancient artifacts is in jail. He needs to be set free in order to lead the IMF to the treasure ... but he's going blind!

150px The Survivors Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Paul Stanley 9/24/67 #31 203
Two top scientists are being held in an underground bunker in San Francisco. So Jim Phelps and his IMF team simulate an earthquake in order to get them out.

150px The Bank Writer: Brad Radnitz Director: Alf Kjellin 10/01/67 #32 204
A banker with Nazi leanings is stealing from innocent Germans, promising them freedom to the West, and using their money to fund the next Reich.

150px The Slave - PART 1 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Lee H. Katzin 10/08/67 #33 205
In order to stop the slave business in a Muslim country, Barney Collier poses as a Moroccan slave, with Cinnamon Carter as a woman up for sale to the highest bidder.

150px The Slave - PART 2 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Lee H. Katzin 10/15/67 #34 206
As Cinnamon Carter is about to go up for auction, she is switched with the kidnapped wife of the ruler's brother in order to expose the slave trade.

150px Operation "Heart" Writer: John O'Dea & Arthur Rowe Director: Leonard J. Horn 10/22/67 #35 207
Cinnamon Carter poses as the wife of an archaeologist with a serious heart condition. He needs to be rescued, and an assassination plot needs to be foiled.

150px The Money Machine Writer: Richard M. Sakal Director: Paul Stanley 10/29/67 #36 208
To stop a crooked financier, Jim Phelps and his team pose as counterfeiters ... who concoct a state-of-the-art machine that prints phony money.

150px The Seal Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Alexander Singer 11/05/67 #37 209
A businessman has in his possession an ancient jade seal that needs to be returned to its rightful country. So a cat is trained to fetch like a dog in order to steal it.

150px Sweet Charity Writer: Barney Slater Director: Marc Daniels 11/12/67 #38 210
The IMF team goes after a married couple who claim to raise money for charity, but who really hide their profits in their pool table in the form of platinum.

150px The Council - PART 1 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Paul Stanley 11/19/67 #39 211
Jim Phelps tries to convince a mob figure to help Rollin Hand pass as the head of the Syndicate, a powerful crime boss with a violent inner circle.

150px The Council - PART 2 Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Paul Stanley 11/26/67 #40 212
Rollin Hand easily passes as the crime boss, but when he is advised to leave the country, he says he has a better idea - a new face, conveniently supplied by Cinnamon Carter!

150px The Astrologer Writer: James F. Griffith Director: Lee H. Katzin 12/03/67 #41 213
While Cinnamon Carter convinces a deputy chancellor of her powers to predict the future, Barney Collier and Rollin Hand try to steal valuable microfilm from his plane.

150px The Echo of Yesterday Writer: Mann Rubin Director: Leonard J. Horn 12/10/67 #42 214
Cinnamon Carter works to stop a munitions magnate who is supplying arms to neo-Nazis. She reawakens memories of his late wife, who was murdered by Hitler.

150px The Photographer Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Lee H. Katzin 12/17/67 #43 215
A top photographer is really a spy operative and needs to be stopped. He holds the key to the names of plague-carrying foreign agents headed for the United States.

150px The Spy Writer: Barney Slater Director: Paul Stanley 1/07/68 #44 216
The exact rendering of a map is duplicated in order to fool a female spy. It's the second part of an overlay that details NATO's missile defense system.

150px A Game of Chess Writer: Richard M. Sakal Director: Alf Kjellin 1/14/68 #45 217
A chess master loses to Rollin Hand, who gets help from a computer. So he asks Rollin to help him steal gold from a safe, not realizing that he is being set up.

150px The Emerald Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Michael O'Herlihy 1/21/68 #46 218
High-stakes poker is the game as the IMF team boards a luxury liner and try to win an emerald in a card game - a gem with microfilm attached to one of its facets.

150px The Condemned Writer: Laurence Heath Director: Alf Kjellin 1/28/68 #47 219
A friend of Jim Phelps' is on death row. So Jim enlists Barney Collier, Rollin Hand, and Willie Armitage to help prove his friend's innocence, with only 24 hours to find the real killer.

150px The Counterfeiter Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Lee H. Katzin 2/04/68 #48 220
The owner of a chain of clinics is also a distributor of potentially fatal counterfeit drugs. He's made to believe he has a disease ... and the cure is one of his pills!

150px The Town Writer: Sy Salkowitz Director: Michael O'Herlihy 2/18/68 #49 221
On his way to meet with Rollin Hand, Jim Phelps stops by a small town and unwittingly stumbles upon an elaborate plot to kill a Soviet defector.

150px The Killing (1968) Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Lee H. Katzin 2/28/68 #50 222
A man who contracts murders for a living has always eluded the law. So Cinnamon Carter and Rollin Hand have him believe one of his murder victims is a ghost.

150px The Phoenix Writer: John D.F. Black & Edward DeBlasio Director: Robert Totten 3/03/68 #51 223
When the curator of a museum plans to turn an experimental alloy over to a foreign power, the IMF creates a diversion - an attempt on his life.

150px Trial by Fury Writer: Sy Salkowitz Director: Leonard J. Horn 3/10/68 #52 224
Jim Phelps and Barney Collier go undercover at a prison camp. They need to take suspicion off a prisoner helping a freedom fighter, and then draw out the real informer.

150px Recovery Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Robert Totten 3/17/68 #53 225
A fail-safe mechanism has fallen into enemy hands. So Jim Phelps and his team work to bring it back to the United States, along with a brilliant scientist who defected.