Mission Impossible


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The first season lasted from September 17, 1966 to April 22, 1967, and consisted of 28 episodes, two of which were part of a 2-part episode ("Old Man Out"). Joseph Gantman served as producer.

The first season was the only season in which Steven Hill (Dan Briggs) was part of the main cast. And even though Martin Landau (Rollin Hand) was in almost every episode (he does not appear in the episodes "Fakeout" and "The Short Tail Spy"), he was only billed as a guest star.

Episode List: 1966-1967[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Pilot Writer: Bruce Geller Director: Bernard L. Kowalski 9/17/66 #1 101
Dan Briggs, the head of the Impossible Missions Force, puts together an elite team of agents in order to remove two nuclear warheads from an impenetrable vault, under the nose of a military dictator.

150px Memory Writer: Robert Lewin Director: Charles R. Rondeau 9/24/66 #2 102
In order to remove a militarist from power and make him look like a traitor, Dan Briggs enlists the help of a memory expert, who poses as an enemy agent with the code name "Sparrow".

150px Operation Rogosh Writer: Jerome Ross Director: Leonard J. Horn 10/01/66 #3 103
The IMF agents have only 36 hours to trick a cunning mass murderer into telling them how he intends to kill thousands of people in the Los Angeles area.

150px Old Man Out - PART 1 Writer: Ellis Marcus Director: Charles R. Rondeau 10/08/66 #4 104
The IMF team poses as circus performers in order to divert attention from their planned rescue of a freedom-fighting cardinal being held in an Eastern European prison.

150px Old Man Out - PART 2 Writer: Ellis Marcus Director: Charles R. Rondeau 10/15/66 #5 105
Agent Rollin Hand's plan to escape with the cardinal is right on schedule ... until orders come down for the old man to be executed!

150px Odds on Evil Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Charles R. Rondeau 10/22/66 #6 106
The team's mission is to ensure that the ruler of a small country gambles away the 1.5 million dollars he plans to use to buy arms.

150px Wheels Writer: Laurence Heath Director: Tom Gries 10/29/66 #7 107
Dan Briggs and his team of agents travel to the country of Valeria, where they must "unfix" a rigged election about to take place.

150px The Ransom Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Harry Harris 11/05/66 #8 108
A teenage girl is being held hostage in order to blackmail Dan Briggs into kidnapping a key witness in the trial of a mobster.

150px A Spool There Was Writer: Ellis Marcus Director: Bernard L. Kowalski 11/12/66 #9 109
Beautiful agent Cinnamon Carter goes undercover as a photographer and joins Rollin Hand at a lake resort in order to search for a spool of recording wire planted by an agent who was killed.

150px The Carriers Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Sherman Marks 11/19/66 #10 110
Barney Collier, Rollin Hand, and Cinnamon Carter infiltrate a town where foreign agents are being trained to act like U.S. citizens ... and who will carry a deadly plague to America.

150px Zubrovnik's Ghost Writer: Robert Lewin Director: Leonard J. Horn 11/26/66 #11 111
Electronics whiz Barney Collier and a psychic help Rollin Hand try to prevent a female scientist from going to work behind the Iron Curtain. They do it by conjuring up the ghost of her dead husband.

150px Fakeout Writer: Leigh Chapman Director: Bernard L. Kowalski 12/03/66 #12 112
In order to lure him across the border where he can be extradited to the U.S. for trial, Cinnamon Carter romances a drug lord and Dan Briggs plays the part of her jealous husband.

150px Elena Writer: Ellis Marcus Director: Marc Daniels 12/10/66 #13 113
A beautiful agent's behavior has become unpredictable. And if Rollin Hand can't discover the reason why, she'll be labeled untrustworthy and killed.

150px The Short Tail Spy Writer: Julian Barry Director: Leonard J. Horn 12/17/66 #14 114
Cinnamon Carter needs to discredit an enemy's chief hitman. But could she be falling for the attractive assassin she's been assigned to bring down?

150px The Legacy Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Michael O'Herlihy 01/07/67 #15 115
Four men gather in Zurich, each with a piece of a puzzle that will lead them to Hitler's fortune. Once they find it, they plan to use it to launch the Fourth Reich.

150px The Reluctant Dragon Writer: Chester Krumholz Director: Leonard J. Horn 01/14/67 #16 116
The mission is to get a rocket expert to follow his wife and defect before his government discovers his recent findings. Unfortunately, he refuses to leave!

150px The Frame Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Allen Miner 01/21/67 #17 117
The IMF team poses as caterers, preparing a dinner party for a crime lord. They hope to frame him by making it look like he's stealing from his fellow syndicate chiefs.

150px The Trial Writer: Laurence Heath Director: Lewis Allen 01/28/67 #18 118
The most dangerous man in Eastern Europe plans to solidify his power by bringing to trial an innocent American - the IMF's Dan Briggs.

150px The Diamond Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Robert Douglas 02/04/67 #19 119
Dan Briggs and his team need to stop a man who has seized power in a small country, and who has confiscated the largest diamond ever found - 27,000 carats.

150px The Legend Writer: Mann Rubin Director: Richard Benedict 02/11/67 #20 120
The IMF team infiltrates a top-secret meeting of Nazis in South America and is shocked to learn that their leader is the legendary war criminal Martin Bormann.

150px Snowball in Hell Writer: Judith Barrows & Robert Guy Barrows Director: Lee H. Katzin 02/18/67 #21 121
The sadistic head of a penal colony has hidden a sample of cesium within the prison. It's of the utmost importance that it be found, as it's the key to a low-cost nuclear arsenal.

150px The Confession Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Herschel Daugherty 02/25/67 #22 122
A Communist has been arrested and charged with assassinating a U.S. senator. The mission is to get him to admit he was not acting on orders of his government ... and do it on network television!

150px Action! Writer: Robert Lewin Director: Leonard J. Horn 03/04/67 #23 123
When the head of a movie studio behind the Iron Curtain alters newsreel footage to make it look like American soldiers are murderers, the plot must be exposed.

150px The Train Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Ralph Senensky 03/18/67 #24 124
A staged train ride is expertly simulated by Dan Briggs and his agents. They need to prove to a dying prime minister that his successor is not to be trusted.

150px Shock Writer: Laurence Heath Director: Lee H. Katzin 03/25/67 #25 125
When an enemy agent kidnaps a U.S. envoy and replaces him with an imposter, the IMF replaces him with their own imposter ... Dan Briggs.

150px A Cube of Sugar Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Joseph Pevney 04/01/67 #26 126
An American agent posing as a jazz musician needs to be rescued, as he's holding a vital microcircuit hidden in a cube of sugar laced with LSD.

150px The Traitor Writer: Edward J. Lakso Director: Lee H. Katzin 04/15/67 #27 127
In order to get an American agent who has defected, Dan Briggs hires a diminutive female agent, who crawls through a foreign embassy's air-conditioning system.

150px The Psychic Writer: William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter Director: Charles R. Rondeau 04/22/67 #28 128
The team is counting on Cinnamon Carter's ability as a "psychic". She'll need to gain the confidence of an industrialist and have him lose stolen patents to Rollin Hand in a poker game.