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Phil Morris (b. 1959) plays Grant Collier in the last two seasons of Mission: Impossible.

Morris is an American actor who has appeared in episodes of Mr. Merlin, It's a Living, WIOU, Melrose Place, In the House, Seinfeld (playing attorney Jackie Chiles), The Love Boat: The Next Wave, Girlfriends, Wanda at Large, Kim Possible (for voice), Justice League (for voice), Danny Phantom (for voice), Smallville, Legion of Super Heroes (for voice), and The PJs (for voice). He has also appeared in movies such as Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, P.I. Private Investigations, Dark Planet, Jekyll Island, Devil in the Flesh, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire (for voice).

His father Greg Morris played Grant's father Barney Collier in the first seven seasons of the TV series.

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