Mission Impossible
Nicholas Black
Nicholas black.jpg
Name: Nicholas Black
Affiliation: IMF
Profession: Drama Professor
Voice mimicry
Played by: Thaao Penghlis
Seasons: 1-2
First episode: "The Killer"
Last episode: "The Sands of Seth"
Nicholas Black excels in disguise, languages and acting. When Nicholas isn't working for us, he's teaching drama at an Eastern university.

–Excerpt from Nicholas's dossier

Nicholas fills the "master of disguise" role on the IMF team as did former members Rollin Hand and The Great Paris. (Presumably, he was a protege OF Rollin Hand.)

With the help of technological expert Grant Collier, he makes use of sophisticated 3D imaging technology (in whose initial development, and in the programming of whose control computer, he is believed to have assisted) that can quickly synthesize realistic latex masks based on photographs of an individual.

Given time, he can also mimic the voice, body language and mannerisms of his target allowing him to impersonate, to an astonishingly convincing degree, any other person whose height and build are similar to his own.