In order to remove a militarist from power and make him look like a traitor, Dan Briggs enlists the help of memory expert Joseph Baresh, who poses as an enemy agent with the code name "Sparrow."



Guest StarringEdit

Mission BriefingEdit

on the back of a freelance photographer's card:

Headquarters of DIMITRI SOSKA

Our investigations are to begin immediately. Proceed as per our previous instructions and report as soon as possible. - - Alternate plan X59.

(After reading it, Daniel Briggs destroys the card.)

Mission TargetsEdit

  • Janos Karq
  • Dimitri Soska

Notable LocationsEdit

An unnamed Balkan nation behind the Iron Curtain

Behind the scenesEdit

"The Memory Mission" is the only Mission in which actor Albert Paulsen appeared as an Impossible Missions Force agent; in all the other Missions in which he participated, his characters were mission targets or their allies. Himself a recovering alcoholic like his character of Joseph Baresh, he deliberately drank heavily the night before the scene that showed Daniel Briggs's briefing of the team was filmed, an instance where an acting role all but imposed a lapse in his sobriety.

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