Mission Impossible
Max Hart
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Name: Maxwell Hart
Nationality: Australian
Nickname(es): Max
Affiliation: IMF
ANZAC (formerly)
Automatic Weapons

Helicopter Piloting
High Physical Strength
High Physical Durability
Military training

Played by: Tony Hamilton
Seasons: 1-2
First episode: "The Killer"
Last episode: "The Sands of Seth"
Max Hart was still in high school when the war in Vietnam ended. But when his brother didn't come home from a POW camp, Max organized his own mission to find him - and did.

–Excerpt from Max's dossier

Former Australian-and-New Zealander Army Corps Sergeant Maxwell Hart is a powerfully built man, whose ANZAC commando training has granted him skills in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and demolitions.

In later missions, he is supplied with a miniaturized dart gun that launches fast-acting tranquilizers.

In the episode "The Fortune" it was hinted that Hart might have had romantic feelings toward teammate Casey Randall. After learning of her death at the hands of Emilia Berezan, Hart was ready to quit the mission, saying he could not go on pretending to seduce the woman who had murdered Casey. But Jim Phelps rebuked him, ordering him to complete the mission.