Mission Impossible

Martin Landau (June 20, 1928 – July 15, 2017) played Rollin Hand in the first three seasons of 'Mission: Impossible.

Landau was an American actor who had appeared in episodes of The Untouchables, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Space: 1999 (along with fellow Mission: Impossible actress Barbara Bain), Spiderman (for voice), Without a Trace, The Evidence, and Entourage. He had also appeared in movies such as Cleopatra, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ed Wood, The Adventures of Pinocchio, The X-Files, The New Adventures of Pinocchio, Sleepy Hollow, and The Majestic.

Landau and Bain had two children, actress Juliet Landau and film producer Susan Bain Landau Finch. Landau and Bain divorced in 1993.

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