Mission Impossible
Marius Wistrom
Marius Wistrom - Profile.png
Name: Marius Wistrom
Status: Deceased
Age: 42 (2011)
Date of birth: c. 1969
Date of death: 2011
Place of death: Mumbai, India
Cause of death: Shot by Benji Dunn
Alias(es): Wistrom
Affiliation: Kurt Hendricks
Profession: Mercenary
Right-hand man
Expertise: High intelligence
Great physical strength
High speed level
Greats reflexes
Fighting skills
Played by: Samuli Edelmann
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Marius Wistrom (c. 1969 - 2011) was the secondary antagonist in the 2011 blockbuster film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He was a mercenary and Kurt Hendricks's right-hand man and main ally who supported him in his plan to wage a nuclear war.


Marius Wistrom first accompanies Kurt Hendricks at cryptographer Leonid Lisenker's house and holds his wife and his son at gunpoint in order to verify the nuclear launch codes they were set to purchase from the assassin Sabine Moreau. Later, Hendricks, posing as Wistrom, attains the launch codes from spy Ethan Hunt and his undercover team from the disavowed top-secret and covert operations agency, Impossible Mission Force, after a botched operation, he orders Wistrom to release Lisenker's family while Hendricks personally kills Lisenker after fulfilling his usefulness.

With the codes now in their possession, Hendricks and Wistrom travel to Mumbai, India, to use a television broadcasting center, because Hendricks wants to access a satellite to trigger his nuclear strike. When a security guard tries to stop him at the entrance, Wistrom shoots him. He then helps Hendricks configure the satellite and trigger the rocket. However, as Hendricks and Wistrom leave the broadcast center, Ethan and his team confronts them, and when Hendricks sees the spies, he orders Wistrom to close the relay station while he escapes himself with the control unit. Wistrom goes inside and suddenly starts pulling the cables from the station. When IMF agent Jane Carter follows him, he opens fire on them and injures Jane before running away from the room and cutting off the power.

After agents William Brandt and Benjamin "Benji" Dunn have arrived, they want to turn on the device and reactivate the relay station. Brandt tries to turn the power on, but Wistrom engages him in a fight against the broadcast center's power control. However, Ethan is able to obtain the launch-control device, and just as Wistrom is in the process of strangling Brandt to death, he is shot and killed by Benji.

With Wistrom finally killed, this enables Brandt to bring the broadcast center back online while allowing Ethan to use the nuclear launch-control device to disable the nuclear missile and letting it crash harmlessly into San Francisco Bay, leaving Hendricks' plan in vain.



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Behind the Scenes[]

Marius Wistrom was played by Finnish actor and singer Samuli Edelmann in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.