Mission Impossible
Janik Vinter
Janik Vinter - Profile.png
Name: Janik Vinter
Status: Deceased
Role: Henchman
Age: c. 41
Date of birth: c.1974
Birthplace: Sweden
Date of death: 2015
Place of death: London, England
Cause of death: Stabbed by Ilsa Faust
Nationality: Swedish
Alias(es): The Bone Doctor
Affiliation: The Syndicate
Profession: Torturer


Expertise: High intelligence

Torturing skills
Fighting skills
Bilingual (fluent in Swedish and English)

Played by: Jens Hultén
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
I'm wondering why he chose you...

–Janik Vinter to Ethan Hunt, wondering why Solomon Lane captured him alive, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Janik Vinter, also known as The Bone Doctor (c. 1974-2015), was the secondary antagonist in the 2015 action spy film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. He was the second-in-command of the mysterious terrorist organization known as The Syndicate and the main henchman of its supreme leader Solomon Lane. A former KGB/SVR operative, Vinter was mostly an arrogant torturer. His job was to tortue people as much for gaining information.


Early life[]

Janik Vinter was a secret agent of an unspecified country and was notorious for his methods of torture, so that he was nicknamed "The Bone Doctor". He was officially declared dead three years ago, but his death was only faked and Vinter joined the Syndicate, a secret terrorist organization made up of various secret agents. He became the right-hand man of the leader of the society, Solomon Lane.

Interrogating and torturing Ethan Hunt[]

After IMF agent Ethan Hunt was captured by the Syndicate, he is due to be interrogated. With some henchmen, Vinter enters the chamber where Hunt is being held, upset Ilsa Faust, who assumed she would be the one to conduct the interrogation. Vinter ignores Ilsa's protests, approaches the chained Ethan and asks aloud what Lane is seeing in him. Only then does Vinter answer Ilsa's question and reveal that he has come to see what Ethan is made of. At the same moment he gives Ethan a powerful punch in the pit of his stomach, but the spy mumbles unimpressed that Vinter can get him loose and then find out. Ethan also calls him by name and the surprised Vinter realizes that Ethan knows who he is.

Vinter now prepares his torture case, but then turns away to give Ethan more blows. Ilsa reminds Vinter to break Ethan to turn him around, but the torturer replies that Hunt is a fighter and would rather die than be corrupted. When he wants to start the torture, Ilsa turns out to be a double agent and supports Ethan. He swings up on his chains and gives Vinter a kick. The torturer falls backwards, hits his head on a metal pipe and remains motionless. While Ethan and Ilsa fight the remaining henchmen, Vinter comes to, but Ethan can escape thanks to Ilsa's help. Ilsa stays behind so as not to endanger her position within the Syndicate.

Confronting Ilsa[]

Six months later, Ilsa returns to London from a mission in Morocco. She is received by Vinter and Lane and hands the Swedish the USB stick with the stolen data. While Ilsa and Lane are talking to each other, Vinter examines the data on the stick and it turns out that it is completely empty. So Lane decides that they will set a trap for Ethan and his team to get the real stick from Hunt. While Ethan and his team meet with Ilsa in a mall, Vinter secretly kidnaps Ethan's teammate, Benji Dunn, and spins off with him in a van. After taking Benji to a Syndicate camp, Lane assigns him to "prepare" Benji. Vinter then cables Benji with a bomb belt and takes him and Ilsa to a street bar in London, where they wait for Ethan.

Showdown in London and Death[]

When Ethan shows up, however, he reveals that he has destroyed the USB stick and memorized all the data on it - if the bomb explodes, Lane will have lost everything. Lane is forced to defuse the bomb and let Benji go. After Dunn escapes and is safe, Vinter contacts Lane and wants to know what to do. The boss replies that Vinter is supposed to kill Ilsa, but that he needs Ethan alive. Vinter and his henchmen then approach the restaurant. Before they can get there, Ilsa and Ethan pull pistols and shoot Vinter's companions before they flee into the streets of London.

When Ethan and Ilsa are separated, Vinter pursues Ilsa. However, Ilsa hides in a passage and tries to sneak past Vinter. Armed with a knife, she sneaks up on him and engages Vinter in hand-to-hand combat. She can disarm the criminal, but Vinter pulls out his own knife and continues to fight. In combat, Ilsa is able to inflict several light cuts on Vinter and thus gradually weaken him. At some point she whirls around, jumps on Vinter's back and rams her blade into his heart, causing the Bone Doctor to collapse dead.




Behind the Scenes[]

Janik Vinter was portrayed by Swedish actor Jens Hultén in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.