Mission Impossible
Eugene Kittridge
Name: Eugene Kittridge
Status: Alive
Role: Ally
Age: 61 (2021)
Date of birth: c. 1960
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency
Impossible Mission Force
Profession: Head of the IMF (formerly)
Expertise: Military training


Played by: Henry Czerny
First appearance: Mission: Impossible
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible 8

Eugene Kittridge (born c. 1960) He is a former director of the Impossible Mission Force who tried to capture him because of his suspicions of being a mole of his agency, unaware that this title actually returned to Jim Phelps.


Kittridge in 1996 tasks Jim Phelps and his IMF team with the Mission of proving a theft of a IMF NOC list and the apprehension of the thief and its buyer. After the mission appears to result in the death of all IMF Agent on the mission except for Ethan Hunt Kittridge asks him to meet him at a restaurant.

Hunt arrives and Kittridge express his condolences but Hunt notes several people present in the building are IMF Agents. Kittridge reveals how for over two years IMF Operations have had blowback and that their is a mole in the IMF who is working with Max, a arms dealer, Kittridge indicates to Ethan he thinks he is the mole due to the Hunt's family's recent receiving of $120.000.

Ethan escapes the restaurant after Kittrdige suggests they leave quietly.

Later, Ethan meets Max and prompts her to boot up a disk containing a false list as well as a tracer which leads Kittridge and his subordinates, including his partner Frank Barnes, to go to the building. The agents start searching the building for them, but Ethan and Max manage to escape.

After Ethan and his new team stole the real NOC list at the CIA headquarters which results in its caretaker William Donloe being sent to Alaska on Eugene's orders, Hunt contacts Kittridge (who has since falsely arrested his uncle and mother for drug trafficking) to bring him to Ethan's (and Max's) location. After Ethan hungs up the phone Eugene realizes Hunt wanted him to know he was in London.

Aiming to have Kittridge apprehend Jim Phelps (the real mole), Ethan sends Kittridge tickets for the train that Ethan will give Max the NOC list on. Ethan gives Max the NOC list, but has Luther Stickell jam any transmissions so that Max cannot sell online the information on the list, attempting to buy enough time for Kittridge to apprehend Max.

When confronted on the train with Phelps, Ethan transmits video footage to Kittridge of an alive Phelps (whom nobody knew was alive until then). Phelps after killing Claire and trying to escape the train is killed by Ethan along with Franz Krieger another rogue IMF agent. Kittridge recovers the list from Luther Stickell and greets Max.

We do not know what Kittridge becomes after this mission because he does not seem to see Ethan again after that. Years later Hunt is supervised by IMF Mission Commander Swanbeck as well IMF Operations Manager John Musgrave and IMF Director Theodore Brassel who appears to have replaced Kittridge.



Kittridge is ruthless, single-minded, opportunistic, and seemingly an antagonist until it is revealed that Jim Phelps is the mole. In light of that, Kittridge's less appealing personality is just seen as that of a high ranking agent who is world-weary and (amusingly) cynical.


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Behind the Scenes[]

Eugene Kittridge was portrayed by Canadian actor Henry Czerny in Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8.



  • Czerny also portrayed CIA Deputy Director for Operations Robert Ritter in the 1994 movie Clear and present Danger.
  • By the time Mission: Impossible 7 is out it will have been over 26 years since Kittridge's first appearance in Mission: Impossible.[1]
  • It is unknown if Kittridge resigned and was replaced by Brassels or Swanbeck.
  • Brassels in 2006 was framed by Musgrave like how Phelps tried to frame Kittridge by saying to Ethan that Kittridge shot him.
  • Kittridge's framing of Ethan's mother preceded her death by several years.
  • Kittridge first noticed a mole within the IMF in 1994 after bad results in IMF Operations.