Mission Impossible


Emilia Berezan was the primary antagonist the episode "The Fortune".

She was the wife of Luis Berezan, and together they were the dictators of a small country known as Alcante. They ruled with an iron fist for many years but when Luis' health began to falter, the people revolted against them. The two fled to the USA and were granted asylum, but not before they looted the country's treasury for themselves and left their people in bankruptcy.

Jim Phelps' IMF team along with new member Shannon Reed was brought in to recover the treasure and return it to the people of Alcante.

IMF agent Casey Randall was sent ahead to covertly gather information from the Berezan estate, but she was captured by the security forces and brought before Emilia. Emilia injected the captured agent with a lethal dose of poison, killing her.

Emilia had a reputation for flirting with rugged young men, and IMF agent Max Harte was sent to get close to her as part of the mission. But once it was revealed that Emilia was responsible for Casey's death, the team's mission was expanded to have Emilia arrested for murder.

Nicholas Black while disguised as Luis was able to access the Berezan fortune and have the funds transferred to the authorities. Later, Grant Collier was able to recover and restore security footage of Casey's murder.