Casey Randall
Name: Casey Randall
Status: Deceased
Date of death: Feb 18, 1989
Place of death: Florida Keys
Cause of death: Poison
Nationality: American
Affiliation: IMF
Profession: IMF agent
Fashion Design
Spouse(s): J. Randall

(fiancee, deceased)

Season: 1
First episode: "The Killer"
Last episode: "The Fortune"
Casey Randall was a top designer on three continents when her fiance was killed in a terrorist bombing in Rome. She helped us trap terrorist responsible and has worked with the IMF ever since

–Excerpt from Casey's dossier

Casey Randall (died Feb 18, 1989) was a member of the IMF who appeared in the 1988 TV series.

Her experience as a world class designer gave her a keen eye for detail and she would often place the finishing touches on disguises used by other team members and making sure the “big store” settings were detailed and authentic.

She was killed in action when she was captured after spying on deposed dictators Luis and Emilia Berezan and forcibly given a lethal injection (The Fortune). She was replaced on the team by Shannon Reed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first ever regular character in the Mission: Impossible series to be caught, killed and subsequently disavowed.
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