Mission Impossible
Brownway - Profile.png
Name: Brownway
Status: Unknown
Role: Henchman
Affiliation: Owen Davian
Profession: Terrorist
Expertise: Marksmanship
Played by: Eddie Marsan
First appearance: Mission: Impossible III
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible III

Brownway was a minor antagonist appeared in the 2006 spy film Mission: Impossible III. He was a member of Owen Davian's terrorist group.


Brownway is one of the few henchmen who keep young Impossible Mission Force operative Lindsey Farris. However, the latter is rescued by Ethan Hunt and his team and Brownway suffers a nose injury. The henchmen under his command are unable to prevent the IMF team from escaping with Lindsey but Davian has the last word since the rookie is killed by a bomb placed in his head during his confinement.

Much later, Ethan is in turn captured by Davian and his men after regaining Rabbit's Foot. Before he faces Davian again, Brownway salutes him and places an explosive charge similar to the one that killed Lindsey in his head. He then stays with Davian during Ethan's interrogation and leaves with his boss after Davian killing his translator.

Knowing that Brownway does not seem to have crossed Ethan's way again after that, we do not know what happened to him since in addition to that Davian was killed and Ethan was able to get rid of his bomb with the help of his wife, Julia Meade-Hunt.

Behind the Scenes[]

Brownway was played by British actor Eddie Marsan in Mission: Impossible III.