Mission Impossible

Bocamo is a fictional West African nation governed by a brutal apartheid regime.

The nation first appeared in the Mission Impossible Season 7 television episode "Kitara". It is ruled by white Africans of European descent, who control government and enforce a rigid colour bar. Even though black Bocamans are the ethnic majority; they are denied basic civil rights and are not allowed to vote in national elections.


Little is known of Bocamo's past. At some point in time it was colonized by the German Empire, and many Europeans came to settle permanently as farmers, miners, and administrators. Gold was discovered in the colony, and shortly after Bocamo gained independence it used the mining profits to become a strong white-ruled nation.

To ensure that their power was uncontested, the supremacist government in Bocamo passed a series of laws restricting the movement of native peoples in the country and denying them any opportunities for advancement. Only whites could hold positions in local or national government; blacks were not even allowed to serve in the armed forces. The general views held by Bocamo's European population seemed to be that the nation was theirs and other racial groups were but an unwanted nuisance. To that end, laws were passed enforcing a system of strict racial segregation. People were judged by their physical appearance and the shade of their skin, classified either under the privileged few, or the downtrodden, poverty-stricken, many.

African Liberation Movement[]

In 1969, John Darcy, a black schoolteacher, began plotting to overthrow the white racist regime by founding a liberation movement. Although unable to oppose the government openly, the liberation groups stirred up dissent among the native population and resorted to passive resistance.

By 1971, Darcy had hijacked a truck of gold bullion to finance his resistance campaign. Unfortunately, the provincial security forces, led by the tyrannical Colonel Kohler and the ruthless Captain Maxfield, captured Darcy shortly afterwards. Kohler correctly deduced that Darcy was the mysterious "Kitara", the leader of black nationalists planning to overthrow white rule.

When Kohler attempted to torture the location of the hidden gold out of Darcy, the United States called upon the Impossible Mission Force team to infiltrate Bocamo, put an end to the colonel's tyranny, and free the Kitara.