August Walker
August Walker
Name: August Walker
Status: Deceased
Role: Main Antagonist
Age: 35 (2017)
Date of birth: c. 1982
Birthplace: United States
Date of death: 2017
Place of death: Kashmir, Pakistan
Cause of death: Impaled in the face by a falling hook (attached to a helicopter)
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Alias(es): John Lark
Nickname(es): Agent Walker
Affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency
The Apostles
Solomon Lane
Profession: CIA Operative and Assassin
Founder and Second-in-Command of The Apostles
Rank: Special Agent
Expertise: High Intelligence
Firearm skills
High-level fighting skills
Played by: Henry Cavill
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Fallout
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Fallout
There cannot be peace without, first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.

–August Walker's manifesto as John Lark., Mission: Impossible – Fallout

August Walker (c. 1982-2018), also known as John Lark, is one of the two main antagonists (the other being Solomon Lane) in the 2018 blockbuster action-thriller film Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the direct sequel to Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible film series. He is a high-ranking operative in the Special Activities Division of the Central Intelligence Agency, under Erika Sloane's command, and one of their best top-level assassins. Walker was tasked with following Ethan Hunt and his behavior as well as to eliminate him in case he will do anything which the CIA believes to be chaotic right after Ethan failed to obtain three plutonium cores.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Little is known about August Walker's early life because it is never discussed in the film but we know that he became a high-ranking operative and skilled assassin of the Central Intelligence Agency. Walker has been mistreated several times by his government, caused him to create the Apostles in order to "save" the world.

Page from "Apocalyptic Manifesto" written as John Lark Edit

There has never been peace without first a great suffering, the greater the suffering, the greater the peace. As mankind is drawn to his self-destruction like a moth to the candle, the so-called defenders of peace – the church, the government, the law – work tirelessly to save humanity from itself. But, by averting disaster, they serve to delay a peace that can only come through an inevitable baptism of fire.

The suffering I bring you is not the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of a greater mutual understanding through common suffering. It is the first step towards the ultimate brotherhood of man. The suffering I bring you is the bridge to ultimate peace.

Today, mankind has been handed the opportunity to escape his destiny, an otherwise inevitable conclusion to a thousand years of intolerance and fear.

I call all rationalists who can stand and join in the struggle against the radical theists, all of which fall beneath a common umbrella of ideology. If we were to continue any further we would reach mythology and Aesop’s fables. When do we stop?

Any belief in a spirituality with no other proof, other than the cravings to project one’s self over the rational thinking of the others must be eradicated as it does not only halt progression and development of the human mind and reach, but also hinders it.

Here I will emphasize clearly that the judgment upheld against us will be one of human hands, not of a god or other worldly being. Part of the absurd rational is what leads to the obscure justifications, the believers place upon their own disgraceful and belligerent behavior.

No. The loss of human life cannot and will not be justified. For this is not the taking of human lives. They are merely puppets, hollow shells that were once human beings. Brainwashed by stories and tales of old, their weak minds have been overpowered by the pressure placed on them by other lifeless puppets. And so, the cycle continues.

–Page from the Manifesto seen during Ethan Hunt's briefing.

Fallout Edit

Walker is first introduced by Erica Sloane as a CIA operative tasked with preventing the Impossible Mission Force (specifically Ethan Hunt) from going rogue during the subsequent operation to locate and recover the lost Plutonium. In order to reach the building in which the arms dealer known as the White Widow is said to be meeting with the leader of the Apostles known as John Lark, Walker and Hunt must skydive through an active storm. Hunt protests against the jump, believing it to be too dangerous, but Walker, in a showcase of his brash personality, jumps anyway, resulting in his near death.

Once inside the building, Walker and Hunt find who they believe to be John Lark in a bathroom, and proceed to temporarily neutralize him. When the suspect wakes up, however, the two agents engage in a brutal fist fight with him, in which Walker showcases his brute strength and fighting prowess. Despite his and Hunt's efforts, however, the suspect is not defeated until he is fatally shot by Ilsa.

Later in the film, it is revealed that Walker is John Lark himself, and that he has been working in the CIA as a double agent in order to frame Hunt and further the Apostles' goal of killing a third of the world's population using the plutonium bombs in order to dismantle the current state of systematic corruption, and replace it with anarchism. When Hunt and the IMF suspect that Walker is the leader of the Apostles, they organized a plan, unbeknownst to him, to expose him by having Benji Dunn pose as Solomon Lane, and Hunley to neutralize him. The plan goes awry when Erica Sloane sends a task force to capture Walker and the IMF team indiscriminately. The task force reveal themselves as members of The Apostles, and assist in Walker's prompt escape. Walker murders Alan Hunley during his escape, and is in turn pursued by Hunt, whom he is able to just barely evade via helicopter and by threatening his wife Julia's life.

During the film's climax, Walker faces Hunt one last time during a lengthy sequence in which Hunt boards and hijacks one of two helicopters and pursues Walker, who attempts to kill him using a machine gun. At some point during the aerial chase, the helicopters crash, leaving Walker and Hunt as the sole survivors. Acidic fluid leaks from the gas tank and sprays onto the right side of Walker's face, leaving him horrendously scarred. Once both he and Hunt have escaped the crashed helicopters, the two engage in a final one-on-one fist fight atop a snowy mountain, as Hunt attempts to steal the detonator for the warheads and Walker attempts to withhold it. The struggle ends with the two of them dangling from a single hook-line from the side of the mountain, in which both men realize that the weight of them both coupled with the helicopter was too great to ensure their survival. Being quicker to act, Hunt pulls the hook-line down the cliff and the hook impales into Walker's head, instantly killing him and sending his body to the explosion of the helicopter that fell along with him at the bottom of the cliff.

Physical Description Edit

August Walker is a tall, muscular and handsome man with blue eyes, black hair and a dark brown mustache.

He usually wears a suit and a tie, and sometimes a large coat.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

August originally appeared as a younger more brutal counterpart to Ethan Hunt who prefers confrontations over subtility. This was evidenced by the phrase that he is more of a hammer to Ethan's scalpel. He later however proved to be a skilled manipulator who fooled everyone while performing his schemes unnoticed.

Due to being repeatedly abused by his government, Walker thought the world was to be "saved" and then rejoin Solomon Lane and create the Apostles. So, although his goal (just like Lane's) was to orchestrate a massive terrorist attack that would destroy the world, Walker wanted to see the world come together to train in the fight against the attacks, which he said, would bring peace. Lane, for his part, was acting purely for the sake of committing crimes. Walker was also remarkable for being generally calm, polite and friendly even after revealing his true colors.

Abilities Edit

Walker was known to be a master hand-to-hand combatant. He displayed excellent boxing and grappling technique in his fighting style, which revolves around utilizing his physical prowess efficiently. As a CIA assassin, Walker rivaled Ethan Hunt in this area. Notably, during the bathroom fight, he was seen brutally throwing the fake John Lark around the room without apparent effort. His bare knuckle style boxing and grappling starkly contrasted the more kinetic and acrobatic way of fighting displayed by Ethan.

Walker was also a master manipulator, being able to manipulate the IMF and the CIA.

Behind the Scenes Edit

August Walker is portrayed by famous British actor Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. This is his first villainous role.

Henry Cavill was offered the role publicly through his Instagram by the director Christopher McQuarrie[1].

Henry Cavill revealed that even being Superman didn't prepare him for the extreme stunts of this film. Cavill noted that his training for Superman is geared more towards body-sculpting for shirtless scenes while stunts require more functional training. He added, "It is a very different kind of preparation for this. For Superman, it is a lot of getting the body looking a certain way when inevitably Superman gets his kit off. But for this, it is not about that. It is about prepping for the stunts, rehearsing the stunts, making sure everything is finessed and going right and I love that. It was a very different approach and I enjoyed it enormously."[1]

Cavill's contract for this film forbids him to shave his mustache and this has been a problem for him because he was making re-shoots for Justice League where he plays Superman, who does not have a mustache. The hairs had to be digitally erased in the superhero movie.

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Trivia Edit

  • August Walker is similar to Kurt Hendricks because he is also looking to destroy the world to generate peace.
  • Walker is also the counterpart to Ethan Hunt for several reasons :
    • The two are being agents for their respective organizations.
    • Both are quite charismatic and very intelligent.
    • Both are very good fighters and seem to enjoy fighting.
    • The two are surprisingly nice for the careers they have chosen.
      • Finally, Walker plays the anti-villain who wants to commit terrorism in order to save the world from dangerous people existing while Ethan is the anti-hero who saves the world from terrorists and other dangerous people.

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