Mission Impossible

Beautiful agent Cinnamon Carter goes undercover as a photographer and joins Rollin Hand at a lake resort in order to search for a spool of recording wire planted by an agent who was killed.



Guest Starring[]

  • Martin Landau as Rollin Hand
  • Richard Devon as Warren Vanders
  • Michael Shea as Pieter Stakovar
  • Curt Lowens as Daglieri
  • Eric Lord as The Concessionaire
  • Lynn Wood as The Mother
  • Todd Martin as The Father

Mission Briefing[]

Dan Briggs goes to a hotel to get the mission briefing. He talks to the maid asking for a private suite with red decor. Upon hearing this the maid who is actually another IMF agent hands him some sheets hiding a record and photos. Dan takes them into the custodian closet where a record player and vats holding development chemicals are waiting for him. Dan places the record on the record player after breaking the seal and the mission briefing begins.

Good Afternoon, Mr. Briggs. Please put on the red light, then remove the cover from the developing trays. Now there is in existence a reel of recording wire with details of a chemical warfare project been developed for use against the free world. One of our agents carrying the reel, made his way to the lake shown. Assume his intention was to appropriate a boat and row across to neutral territory. But he was seen by secret police and forced to hide. Shortly thereafter, he was discovered and killed resisting capture. However, in that brief period of time before being discovered he managed to hide the reel so ingeniously that the secret police with every resource at their disposal, have not been able to find it, despite the limited area they had to search. Other unfriendly nations also have agents working in the area. Your mission, Mr. Briggs should you accept it, would be to find the reel and bring it out of the country. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This recording will decompose in 60 seconds after breaking the seal. Good luck Dan.

60 seconds later the record self destructs as always with any item given to the IMF.

Mission Targets[]

A reel of recording wire left by an IMF agent who was killed in action.


The secret police of a rogue nation in a demilitarized zone

Enemy Agents of IMF's competitors

Notable Locations[]

Boat landing in a demilitarized zone of a rogue nation