Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible
A400 Crewman
A400 Crewman - Profile.png
Status: Deceased
Role: Henchman
Date of death: 2015
Affiliation: The Syndicate
Played by: Alec Utgoff
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The A400 Crewman (died 2015) was an individual who was part of a group of Chechen separatists who were assigned by The Syndicate to steal and transport VX nerve gas to them.


Rogue Nation[]

In Belarus, the crewman helped to load the nerve gas on board the A400. The plane took off, and one of the pilots noticed that the door of the plane was open due to Benji's hacking. The pilot asked the crewman to check it out. The crewman came to the door, and seeing that everything was fine, turned to inform the pilots. Then, he heard the sound of someone fiddling with the straps of the package. He turned and saw Ethan Hunt strapping himself to the package. The crewman yelled, "HEY!" twice, before Hunt flew out of the plane with the plane's shipment of VX nerve gas.

During the briefing scene in the record shop, it is explained that "The bodies of the crewmen were found shortly after the landed in Damascus" explaining that they were executed by The Syndicate.

Behind the Scenes[]

The crewman was portrayed by actor Alec Utgoff.


  • Despite indicators that the pilots and the crewman are of Russian descent, the crewman speaks English to Ethan Hunt.