Mission Impossible

Season 7 epsiode 20 # 169 Febraury 23, 1973


The mission of the IMF team is to stop a terrorist organization from (what it has been told is) bringing down the United States Goverment.


A terrorist organization called "The Pendulum" in "Project Nightfall" is trying to bring down the US Government with the help of traitors within the US government itself. The IMF targets one of the organization members, a brilliant genius by the name of Gunnar Malstrom, by making him believe that an even more powerful terrorist organization, "World Resources Limited," is recruiting him. While the IMF is too late to stop the latest assassination attempt, the IMF does succeed in saving the lives of the US General Staff; Malstrom himself is shot, and critically wounded, by his own organization's fellow leaders when they find out that he is trying to take over the Pendulum.

The last scene shows Malstrom in an ambulance, under arrest. Without him, the Pendulum is hobbled.


Guest Villians[]

  • Dean Stockwell as Gunnar Malstrom
  • Frank Maxwell as real/fake General Weston
  • Scott Brady as Allan Brady


  • Although two more episodes were shown after this, specifically March 2, 1973's "The Western" and March 30, 1973's "Imitation," this was the last original episode filmed for the original series.
  • Frank Maxwell guest-starred on an episode of "The Rockford Files" as a murdered Army officer whose murder Jim Rockford has to solve. Maxwell also guest-starred on "Quincy, M.E.," which starred Jack Klugman.